Miss Limp

Tim Worel

Hasty, Minnesota

I was sitting in my stand bow hunting. The rut was in full swing. It had just gotten light out and the wind was just right. I couldn't have asked for a better morning. There was a thick and nasty bedding area to my left and a main deer trail in front of me. To my right was a big oak grove. I didn't hear any deer when going to my stand one hour before light.

Suddenly I heard something running through the bedding area. It was coming right at me! I got ready, when I saw what it was. A big doe. She got about 40 yards then slowed down and started to limp. I said to myself, "Oh no, it's Miss Limp." She stopped and looked right at me. I could hear that another deer was coming. Miss Limp started to limp down the path right in front of me. This was the first time she's been this close to me. Once this year and twice last year she ruined my hunt. I swear that she goes through the woods wondering, "Where is Tim at today?" She always seems to have a few deer with her. I said to myself, "I'm going to shoot her." I was ready to pull my bow back when a nice buck came out of the bedding area and stopped right where Miss Limp was. I slowly looked back at Miss Limp and she was only 15 yards to my right. She was looking right at me. I couldn't move. My heart was pounding and my knees felt like rubber. Then a big blow and both deer were gone.

During my spring scouting, I saw Miss Limp with five deer and she was the biggest. She looked healthy. I had hoped that someone would have shot her during gun season. There apparently will be another year with Miss Limp in the woods. If you can get close to Miss Limp you can see a big scar on her front right shoulder. That is, if you can get close!

Miss Limp

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