Got a story that needs telling? You can send us your story simply Email your story and photos if you have some to You don’t have to be a PULITZER prize winner to enter, the world just wants to hear a good story. So’s anyway’s, what we do is pick the best ones, add some pictures and maybe some sounds and put them on the world wide web. Our plans are that someday we would like to make a book out of them (101 Tales, Fishing and Hunting Tales, or maybe even "Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen Part 3 A Trilogy"). The 1st and 2nd book turned out great!

If we use your true tale, we will send you one of our really cool t-shirts. You choose the style and the size you want. Or if you would rather have a copy of our last book, thats no problem either. Hey either way your gonna be famous, we get alot of people reading these stories.

If you win you have to sign a release form (Our x-wives lawyer's idea), and we gotta know how big of shirt you want or if you want us to send you a book. Remember, as a author you retain all your rights to your story and you may use it any (other) way you wish.

So keep sending your stories in and good luck!

Thanks again,

Jon and Tim

P.S. Your story won't be used unless we recieve your permission.(via our form email or snail mail)

P.S.S. We don’t really have x-wives (yet).

PLEASE NOTE: Save your story before you send it to us. You should get a reply from us within a couple of minutes to a couple of hours saying we recieved your story. If you don't please send it to us again.

Hey, I know how it is. Tim & I had writers cramp for 40 some years. But if you still want a cool t-shirt anyways or a bunch of other stuff you can do some shopping at The Ultimate Sportsmen Store


Q. How can I get my story posted on
A. Use any of the Email-Us links to send your story into us. Our publishing personnel will critique your story. It won’t be used until our Editorial Board formally accepts it and we get a signed release from you that we can officially put your story on our website.
Q. Is there a charge to feature my story here?
A. There is no charge to feature your story on the site. If used however you decide and we will send you a Ultimate Sportsmen’s T-shirt or one of our Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen Books
Q. Can I get my stories published in your anthologies if I don't want to purchase anything?
A. Yes. There is no purchase required to enter and win our contests. Additionally, we may offer you the opportunity to be published in our Hardbound Anthology Series, based on the quality of your story, also without regard to any purchase. Stories are selected for our Anthologies based on content.
Q. There are errors in my personal information (misspelled name, wrong address, etc.). How can I correct them in your records?
A. Please email our Customer Service department at,

Q. Why does it take so long to be contacted after I submit a story?
A. Each story must go through a screening and semi-finalist judging process before we contact the author. The length of time it takes to complete this process depends on the number of contest entries we get each month. We are in the process of refining this procedure to minimize considerably this waiting period. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience while we read all of your stories!
Q. I have ordered several items from you. When can I expect to receive my merchandise?
A. Please allow 6-14 days for delivery.
Q. How do I know if I won the contest? Will I be contacted if I don't win?
A. All winners will receive a email informing them of their having won the contest.
Q. When my story is published in an anthology, how is it copyrighted?
A. All of our publications are copyrighted as collections, which means that, even though we have published your work, you retain all rights to your work of art. If you want to republish it later in your own collection, in a magazine or other literary periodical, or any other kind of publication, you do not have to get our permission to do so.
Q. Why does it take so long to publish the book my story will appear in?
A. The entire book production process takes our dedicated editors several months to complete, including judging and layout. After the books are sent to press, we must allow several weeks for printing and delivery. Shortening the process we undergo for each anthology would compromise considerably the quality of the publication that you receive. We know the wait can be frustrating, but we want to make sure that our anthologies are of the high, heirloom quality that we promise.
Use your own E-mail editor if you want to send an attachment or photos
If you do choose to wait for your future book please be patient. Our last 2 books took over a year apeice to complete.

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