A Good Day Of Fishing

Mark Peltier
Forest Lake, Minnesota

Fishing is one of my favorite pastimes, but just like anything else in life, you have your good days and your bad days.

A good day would be fishing with your son, brother and a friend, and catching your limit of walleyes. As a matter of fact, we caught so many fish that day (OPENER), we had to throw back as many fish as we were allowed to keep!

A Good Day Of Fishing

A good day would be fishing in Canada on a houseboat and nailing the Northerns.

A good day is out on your brother’s boat, just you and your wife, lots of sunshine, a small lunch, and not a lot of water traffic.

A good day is bringing your 80-year-old grandmother out ice fishing and catching 78 crappies.

A good day is setting up your depth finder / fish locator so your blind uncle can hear when there are fish nearby. He caught a lot of sunfish that day.

A Good Day Of Fishing

A good day is helping your new 16-year-old stepson get setup to fish for the first time in his life, and watch him pull in a 5-½ pound walleye.

A good day is having all six of your kids and your wife on a pontoon up in Ely, Minnesota, and watching each and every one of them catch fish. We were trolling, so we could only have four lines in the water at one time. Every time someone caught a fish they would have to pass the pole to the next one in line!

A Good Day Of Fishing

A good day is going in at the end of the day with all the kids and all the fish and finding out we were the only ones catching fish.

A good day is teaching your kids how to clean the fish.

A good day is watching your daughter pull in the biggest fish of her life through the ice ( a 6-¾ pound Northern).

A Good Day Of Fishing

A good day is out on the ice with a bunch of guys from work and playing tackle flag. What this is, is when your or anyone’s tip-up flag goes up, the first one to the hole gets to catch the fish. This usually means that someone gets tackled on the way to the flag!

A Good Day Of Fishing

A bad day would be: Waking up and finding out that you should have known better than to park your boat “nose to shore” when a storm is approaching. I didn’t get to fish that day…

Other than that, is there a bad day for fishing ? I don’t think so.

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