Ron's Story

Jon Hedin
Wyoming, Minnesota

Two Days Before The Weekend
In Memory of Ron Johnson
(One of the Ultimate Sportsmen)

Five days a week the clock yells six A.M.
I gotta get these old bones up, two days before the weekend.
The drive to work, the drive is fading.
That bridge over there, that bridge is broken.
Now its two days before the weekend.

Going home to Lake Bronson
Gonna shoot a buck, gonna do some fishing.
I usually take off early two days before the weekend.

Only two years left to work
I wonder if I’ll make it.
Just want to relax and fish
Don’t need to be no rocket scientist.

Just one year left to work then I can get that boat.
But then I had to call in sick, the Doc said it was a stroke.
Looks like retiring early
Is what they want me to do.
Can’t walk down the dock, can’t even tie my shoes
I used to catch some fish, every year I got a deer.
My friends came to see me, I couldn’t even offer them a beer.

Then the ticker stopped ticking, I looked like I was sleeping.
They all came to say their good-byes,
two days before the weekend.

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