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Uncle Teddy

By Tim Worel

Hasty MN

I pulled into the driveway of my wife's uncle, Teddy, who lives in Roseau, Minnesota. My mother-in-law suggested that I go there to find out about some good fishing spots on the Roseau River. Uncle Teddy used to fish it a lot when he was a young whippersnapper (as he likes to call himself).

Uncle Teddy told me to go to the minimum maintenance road. Take the second right and follow that to the end. There used to be an old bridge there. The spot that Uncle Teddy told me about is approximately five miles from Canada. It was really in the sticks. There was a small creek on the other side of the river and a small pool.

I was fishing with a slip weight and a floating jig with a leech. Right away I caught a nice walleye. In about two hours I had caught six nice walleye. A couple big fish had broken my line. When I got back to the in-law's house there were a few relatives and friends there. I had a good time showing off the fish that I had caught . They were all trying to find out where Uncle Teddy's spot was. After getting harassed for an hour I finally told them where the spot was. If you know how small towns are, word gets around fast. The next day there were about 12 people there fishing. We all had a good time and I still did manage to catch five more walleyes in "my" spot.

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