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Never Tell Your Wife How To Fish
By Tim Worel
Hasty MN


My wife Bev a great understanding lady, (most of the time), would rather clean the house than get in a boat with me. The last time the walleyes were biting, I kept her in the boat past her limit. After checking our "to do" lists, I finally got my wife to go fishing again. We went to Weaver Lake (which is NW of Minneapolis) and fished for bass with small suckers and weedless hooks. I caught a three pound bass right away and I told Bev, you have to give the minnow alot of action and keep the minnow above those weeds.

That was a mistake. Bev did the opposite, She cast the minnow out and just let it sink into the weeds, then dragged it through the weeds and the mud. I said "You ain't never gonna catch nuttin like that." Well, after my wife had caught seven fish, I started to reel in slow just like her. She will never let me forget that day.


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