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Salty Slime Story


Salty Slime Story
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My husband and I, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law all went fishing together in our boat. We women were told that in order to go fishing with the guys, we would have to bait our own hooks and get what fish we caught off of the hooks. OK No Problem!

Well, we got about 1/4 mile off shore in the Gulf of Mexico and dropped anchor. Janell and I got out the shrimp and as I baited my hook, Janell made a uhhhh face and handed the bait and hook to her husband Jack.

We casted our lines out and within about 5 or so minutes, I got a bite! I very slowly reeled in my line playing with it to catch the fish-and when I got it above the water I found out I had hooked an electric eel! Boy was I upset. I couldn't refuse to take it off of the hook, because I would never live it down with my husband or his brother! I felt like a coward would cut the line. So I didn't know what to do!

I turned and asked Jack (my brother-in-law) for some pliers. The first thing he said was "don't throw my pliers overboard." I got the eel by the head using the pliers. So far so good. I stood up so I would be ready to throw the eel overboard as soon as I got him or her off the hook. Then the eel wrapped itself around my arm! Needless to say, everything went overboard! I threw the eel and the pliers as far as I could. Then I told Jack-"Not One Word, Not One Word, I'll buy you another pair of $2.00 pliers!"

Surprisingly, I had the respect of all my fishing buddies. Jack was surprised that I baited my own hook and he was very surprised when I refused to ask for help to take the eel off of the hook. My husband was proud of me. Everyone there said they would have cut the line.

I was smug for the rest of the day-after I recovered that is.

eel picture yuck!!!
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