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Drinking, Driving and Fishing
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This story is from Jim Creeden of Ontario, Canada

My brother Bill and I used to go lake trout fishing at Hall's Lake in the Hliburton area of Ontario. He had a home made plywood boat about 10 feet with a 2.5 Viking outboard on it. During one of our trips we had just finished trolling around a rocky point which was bringing us back towards the road, when we heard this God awful screeching and a big splash. We turned to look towards the highway and couldn't believe our eyes. A car had plunged into the lake managing to miss the huge rocks lining the road. It had come to rest about 40 feet from shore. This car was really travelling when it left the road. We hurried over to the car which was slowly going under. The driver had managed to crawl out onto the roof by the time we got to him. He was OK and all he could say was, "do you think you can pull my car to shore with your boat". Well I thought I had heard everything until then....We got him into the boat and tried to keep a straight face as we dropped him on the spot where he had launched. He was no worse for wear and apparently had dozed off while on his way home for the weekend...

As we continued our trolling we could see the rear bumper of his car protruding out of the water. As silly as this may sound it is one of my most memorable fishing trips.

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