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In Between

by Alan Monsrud

Badger, Minnesota

This week's story is from Alan Monsrud. He's writing about his friend Joe and his last bear hunting trip in Canada.

Joe was sitting in his stand while two bearcubs came into his bait. The cubs were too small to shoot with his bow and they were chewing on all the bait that he had put out. He broke some small sticks off the tree he was in and started to throw them at the cubs to try to get them away from the bait.

All of a sudden he heard a big growl, and both cubs climbed the nearest tree. This happened to be the tree that he was in. The cubs climbed right past him, stopping just above him. When he looked back down from his stand all he could see was a big black blur charging up the tree towards him!

The next thing he remembered he awoke and was on the ground. He had a big knot on his head and some deep teeth marks on his shoulder. He thought that it was a good thing that he didn't have his safety strap on. If he had, he would have been hanging from the tree and the bear would have probably eaten him alive. He thinks that the bear probably dragged him a little ways from the tree while he was knocked out. That would account for the teeth marks on Joe's shoulder. Joe told Alan he will never go bear hunting again!

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