Bear animation

The Bear
Isaac Fox
Mechanical Engineering student at UC Davis

My brother and I were out in the Sierra's on a backpacking/camping/fishing trip with a few of our friends. Dan (one of our friends) and Kevin (my brother) got up early to fish at a nearby lake. They were about 100 yards apart, and at the other end of the lake, so Dan could look across the water and see my brother. The other end of the lake was pretty shallow, and there were tall reeds lining the edges of the water.

Kevin had waded through the reeds and was standing in about 1' of water, using a spinner type lure, and Dan was on the bank in a clearing between the reeds. I was still at the campsite, keeping the female campers company. I could see the lake through the trees, and it was quiet, so I could hear Dan and Kevin talking to each other across the water.

Bear Sighting

All of a sudden I heard loud splashing, and Kevin was yelling something about a bear. I jumped up and ran to the lake, where I found Dan standing still watching Kevin sprinting through about 18" of water, lure skipping along behind him, screaming "A bear! a bear!" Soon enough Kevin joined us on our side of the lake, and between gasps for air, he told us that a bear had been trying to sneak up behind him through the reeds, and that he had barely gotten away from it!

We could see the reeds moving across the water, and we watched them warily, until several seconds later a large brown cow emerged from the reeds, cow bell ringing out in the morning air. Dan and I almost died laughing.

Bear no its a Cow