Ever seen a 412 lb. deer?

Whitt says he was hunting on the reservation last November with three friends from Arkansas. He says he and his friends hunt with bows only and

that he has hunted deer and other big game in about 20 states.

He shot the deer on a Saturday morning as it moved from water to a bedding area, Whitt said.

“I killed him at five paces,” he said, from a portable stand about 25 feet high in a tree.

Whitt said he had to hold his bowstring (he shoots a Mathews bow) back 10 minutes while the deer approached. He said he shot the deer virtually straight down, the shot striking behind the left shoulder and 3 inches from the spine. His arrow carried a 100-grain Simmons broadhead.

The animal disappeared in the far distance, Whitt said, losing the arrow as he ran.

Four hours later, Whitt began his search for the deer. He said he looked alone until dark without finding the animal.

The next morning one of his friends joined the search, as well as a reservation game warden and another man. Whitt said his friend found the deer in a draw or ravine about noon that day, a Sunday.

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