Book Number One

of the Ultimate Sportsmen

Fishing Stories

Fishing For Tigers 5k Fishing Action by Marisa Ippolito Edinburgh, Scotland

Day of the Bats 4k Fishing Action by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

Soaking Wet 5k Fishing Humor by Alan Simrell Cary, North Carolina

1st Time Fisherman 4k Fishing Drama by Todd Craig from Helena, AL

All Fish are Trout and There Ain't No Catch and Release 14k Fishing Drama by Andy- Valley Center, Kansas

The Bear 4k Fishing Action By Isaac Fox, Mechanical Engineering student at UC Davis

Drinking and Fishing 2k Fishing Humor by Jim Creeden of Ontario, Canada

Salty Slime Story 4k Fishing Humor

The Fishing Mission 4k Fishing Diary by Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

The One That Didn't Get Away 4k Fishing Humor by Mick Chappell from Ocala, Florida

The Graveyard Spot 4k Fishing Drama by Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

The Grey Jay Terror 5k Hunting Humor by Jeffery Ross Pueblo, Cororado

The Attacking Halibut 7k Fishing Action by Greg Purvis Edmonds, Washington

Ice Drinking 4k Fishing Humor by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

How To Shoot A Lion 4k Hunting Action by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

The Mississippi Monster 3k Fishing Action By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Fishing Trip Gone Snaky 4k Fishing Humor by Julia from Somerset, Kentucky

The Day I Became A Fisherman 8k Fishing Diary by Michael Rohrer Greers Ferry, AR

The Spot 3k Fishing Action By Gene G. of Maple Grove, Minnesota

The Worst Trip 5k Fishing Drama by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

The Fighting Flatheads 8k Fishing Diary by Robby Robinson Ohio

The Puzzled Fisherman 4k Fishing Humor by Marco DeVecchis Racine, Wisconsin

Uncle Teddy 4k Fishing Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

The Jumping Fish 4k Fishing Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Never Tell Your Wife How To Fish 3k Fishing Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Trout Fishing Madness 3k Fishing Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

The Bulls 4k Fishing Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Doc 4k Fishing Diary by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

George 4k Fishing Diary by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

Last off the Lake 5k Fishing Action by Dave Horvath Alberta, Canada

The Expert "Fisher Mom" 5k Fishing Action by Margaret Knoebel East St. Louis IL.

The Assassin 5k Fishing Humor by Scott Ross Pueblo, Colorado

Nightcrawlers and Those Who Love Them Fishing 20K HUMOR by Thomas(T-bone) Maul Baton Rouge, LA

A Devil of a Dilemma Fishing 6K HUMOR by Lee (Catfish) Kempster Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

AJ's Bass Fishing 6K HUMOR by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

Dear Son, A Letter About My First Fly and My Last Wife 10K HUMOR by John Baker Dayton, Ohio

Cherished Memories by Todd Peterson 5K ACTION by Todd Peterson Lynnwood, Washinton

Fishing with Feeney 9k Fishing Humor by Thomas(T-bone) Maul Baton Rouge, LA

Hunting Stories

Bear Scare In California 11k Hunting Action by Steven R. Lewis Hesperia, CA

In Between 3k Hunting Action by Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

How Many Trucks To Go Deer Hunting? 6k Hunting Humor by Steve Vermeulen Reynoldsburg, OH

Bubba's Buck 6k Hunting Drama by Bubba from Clanton, Al

Getting In Good With The Father In Law 4k Hunting Drama by Julie Predmore Wichita, Kansas

My Fourth Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt 17k Hunting Diary by Steve Ashe Parkton, Maryland

On My Own 7k Hunting Diary Jack Neil St.George, South Carolina

The Quick Buck 5k Hunting Diary by Jim Rose of Jonesville, Michigan

Ron's Story 3k A Sportsmens Poem by Jon Hedin Wyoming, MN

The Rookie Reloader 5k Hunting Humor by Scott Ross Pueblo, Cororado

Gunner Tales 6k Hunting Action by Rick Domras Castroville, California

Going Stag 5k Hunting Humor by Graham Peters Rostherm, Saskatchewan

Hip Shot 4k Hunting Action By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

The Shiney Day 5k Hunting Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Miss Limp 4k Hunting Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Lookout Here He Comes 4k Hunting Diary By Tim Worel Silver Creek, MN

Bullwinkle and bull-headed Bill 6k Hunting Action by Chaplain Knox Herndon Fayetteville, GA

Two-for-One-Caribou 6k Hunting Action/diary by Tommy Lecroy Fairbanks, Alaska

Big Step for a Little Man 7k Hunting Diary/Action by Dave Horvath Alberta, Canada

My 1996 Deer Hunt - Unusual Circumstances Hunting 7K DIARY by Tom Ekers Aurora,ON,Canada

Reciprocity in the Wilderness 8K MEMOIRS by Lark Ritchie Porcupine, Ontario

Book Number Two

More Tales
of the Ultimate Sportsmen

Fishing Stories

Bigfoot! by Dr. Matthew Johnson 12K Hiking/DIARY

A Good Day Of Fishing by Mark Peltier 6K HUMOUR

A Night Of Shrimp Baiting by Shannon Wakeland 14K DIARY

The Master Owler Award by Gordon Chrisman 12K ACTION

Dog Takes the Bait by Jimmy Hendryx 7K DIARY


Amazing Things by Shawn Svihl 9K ACTION

The 'Eye Eaters of Eagle Lake by Jim Wetzel 10K DIARY

Big 'Butts by Neal Peters and Bob Tregilus30K DIARY

Ice Tales from Mille Lacs Lake by Jon Hedin 12K ACTION/DIARY

A Tale Of Two Cats by Robby Robinson 11K EDUCATIONAL

Daze on the San Juan by Bruce D. Hatten 8K ACTION/DIARY

Fishing as a Youth by Darrell Bentley 11K DIARY

Carp Fishing: A "Rite of Passage" by Thomas Maul 18K HUMOR

Beginner Blue Marlin by Derrick Den Hollander 14K DIARY

Sixes River Salmon by Margaret Walker 6K DIARY

Tiny But Tasty by David Horvath 6K HUMOR

28 Pounds of Lake Trout by Frank DeLuca 6K ACTION

Golden Boy by William Bolton 6K DIARY/HUMOR

STRIPER LOG 1998 by Stuart D. Adams 55K DIARY

The Ultimate Fishing Buddy, My Lab by Dave Zientarski 6K ACTION

The Mississippi Monster by Tim Worel 3K ACTION

Bass Fishing by Marty Hall 5K HUMOR

Ron's Story A Sportsmen's Poem

Hunting Stories

The Perfect Storm by Thomas O. Wansleben 12K DIARY

The Turkey Hunter by John deWeber 15K ACTION

Bear Attack by Jim Oltersdorf 18K ACTION

The Big Boys by Kevin White 8K ACTION

The Torch 9X10 Elk by Lance Lippert 13K DIARY/ACTION


A Gift From Dad by Bill Albrecht 24K DIARY

The Four Little Pigs by Scott Hilderbrand 11K HUMOUR

Another "Bobcat Bob" Hunting Adventure by Sam Ducharme 10K HUMOUR

Opening Day Blues by Aaron Gallagher 14K DIARY

Finally A Long Beard by Joseph Antinora 9K DIARY

Crazy Old Man Calling by Tim Worel 10K DIARY

Lost! by Sam Ducharme 15K DIARY

The Nosy Buck by Justin Edge 5K DIARY

My ‘Divine' Buck by Greg Ricks 15K DIARY

Learning to Hunt: Bear by Mike Skelly 20K DIARY

Deer 4 Hunter 0 by Steve Mahurin 17K DIARY

Hunting Pennsylvania Black Bears by Bob Stellfox 9K ACTION

The Ghost of Turkey Run by Steve Mahurin 10K DIARY

Venison by Bruce D. Bushing14K DIARY

The Hunting Honeymoon Nightmare by Shella Webster17K ACTION

Deer Season Danger by Donnie Ponder 7K DIARY/OUCH

Debbie's First Deer by Jim Wetzel 9K DIARY

I Never Ran So Damn Far! by Christopher Burner 6K ACTION

Fuzz and Me by Sonny Simer 9K ACTION

Magnum Man by Jim Wetzel 14K ACTION/DIARY

Seymore Buck by David Stephens 8K ACTION

The Night of the Snake by Sonny Simer 9K ACTION

Big Elk Die Hard by David Stephens 7K ACTION

Learning To Hunt by Mike Skelly 12K DIARY

Turkey Hunt of A Lifetime by Darrell Bentley 11K ACTION

The Fuse Lake Lake Bull by David Stephens 5K ACTION

Uncle Art's Hunting Diary by Bill Byford 13K DIARY

The White River Buck by V. Ralph Bloomquist 17K DIARY

Just the Way I Planned It by George R. Naugle 7K DIARY/ACTION

The Hunting Dog by Roy Rust 3K HUMOR

The Lucky Buck by Matt McDonald 7K DIARY

Survival of the Fittest by John Hanson 6K ACTION/DIARY

The One That Got Away by Randon Hunter 6K DIARY

Behind the Next Bush Parts1-3 by Henry McNatt III 59K DIARY ACTION

Miss Limp by Tim Worel 4K DIARY

Book Number Three

in progress...

of the Ultimate Sportsmen

The 3rd Book

Fishing Stories

An Icy Rescue by Tim Mohler 7K ACTION

My Dream Bass by Travis C Reed 12K ACTION

Snags by Jon Calafato 22K ACTION

Dad's Record Fish Story by Matt J Bauer 7K DIARY

Hunting Stories

Virgil by Michael Harcek

Perils of a Sheep Hunter By Victor Plotnikow Fort St. John, Canada

The Ultimate Sportsmen Muley by Mike Skelly 16K DIARY

Chips Elk Hunt by Ric Horst 21K ACTION

Moose Tag For Bear by Bert Westover 17K ACTION

One Mean Whitetail! by Marty Thompson 8K ACTION

The Big Five by Thomas Newcomb 21K EDUCATIONAL

The Most Important Lesson by Mike Skelly 12K EXPERIENCE

Three Scents Worth by Sam Wood 12K HUMOUR

Take Him by John deWeber 21K DIARY

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